Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Millie's year

Well not including the shock of my dad having a heart attack, I have had a reasonably good year! I have been very successful in my sport and as well as school. In early June I competed in the island championships and from, that became island champion of 75m sprints, I also came 3rd in 55m hurdles, 3rd in High jump and 4th in Long jump I also ran on the last leg of my school relay team, and we came 3rd. Following that success I was invited to compete in the Channel Islands competition which was hosted in jersey and became 60m sprint channel Island champion for under 11's, jersey also won that competition! Could you believe three days before that competition I was pouring my heart out next to my Dad's bed in complete and utter shock. Then in September I again competed in an end of season championships again against Guernsey, and also was successful in that, as I broke the record which was 9 seconds flat and lowered that to 8.9 seconds, I also was awarded the girl of the summer season trophy. I also have been successful with my swimming and netball, as I have just recently been selected for the island netball team!

I am also looking forward to starting secondary school in September and meeting new people as I start at J.C.G.

But at the moment I am still at J.C.G. Prep currently in Year 6, and still swimming, running, playing netball and Football, playing piano, and some how keeping up with my school work!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fina's year

As you can see from Millie's and Gary's posts, I have had a busy year, so busy in fact that Gary's had to end up writing this. To say Fina's year has been unusual is to say the least. Fina was absolutley magnificent when I was ill, there's not many wives who are with their husband when they have a heart attack in A&E, and what was most impressive was that she kept it together throughout my time in hospital. She could not have been stronger or more caring during that time, the only time she really got upset was when I went on my one man consumer spending spree in the summer, as I didn't see the point of waiting for Christmas.

That said we had a really great summer, taking advantage of this lovely Island that we live on, and Fina had a well deserved break in November when we went to Gran Canaria for a week. Hopefully, we'll be able to have a relaxing Christmas as we'll be spending a week in Hereford, before we have a weekend in London in early January.

Gary's year

Well what can we say, other than in the summer had a series of adventures with young women in uniform. Seriously though for those who did not hear on the grapevine, I had a heart attack in June. A bit of a shock to say the least, fortunately it happened in A&E, so got away with next to no damage to the heart. I subsequently had an angioplasny procedure, which led a couple of bits of metal being inserted into a coronary artery. So now I'm fully recovered and back at work. Ironically, we had one of our best summers, with the good weather allowing us to make the most of this lovely island we live on, doing loads of touristy things. We were also able to get away for a break to Gran Canaria in early November. Indeed before my heart attack we'd been able to have a week in Majorca plus a weekend in Rome, so things can't be bad.

Anyway, hopefully 2006 will be just as interesting but not as dramatic. In March I hope to be off to Melbourne and the Commonwealth Games, where I will be manager of the Jersey Triathlon Team. So look out for me at the opening ceremony and the triathlon is on Saturday 18 March .

Hope all is well with you and your families, and that if we haven't met for a while we can somehow make it this year. Indeed, let's make it this year - as you never know what is around the corner.