Thursday, December 01, 2005

The season's greetings

Welcome to the Jones family blog and christmas greetings
I know many of us get and receive Christmas family newsletters, and for some people they are part of Christmas and for others .... well the less said the better. So rather than send you a the traditional newsletter, I thought we would try something different with this blog. Bottom line is, if you want to find out what we've been up to you can, and you can send instant feedback and maybe start a dialogue which lasts all year rather than just an exchange of pleasantries at Xmas. On the other hand, if you are not interested then you've probably not even got this far.

Our individual blog pages will be available as we approach Christmas and the New Year, with the all our individual sections being posed by the beginning of December.

Anyway if you are reading this Fina, Pippa and Amelia and myself all hope you are having a great Xmas and New Year. I hope you've been to at least one Xmas do, where you have completely disgraced yourself through over indulgence, and have danced the 'funky chicken' if not worst. Yet, I hope the revelries were restrained enough so that you will not end up in either the Magistrates or Divorce Courts.

Have a great time and I hope you get some great presents, though most of I hope you just have a great time and enjoy the moments (see my section for why I'm so mellow)

But before you read the rest of this blog have a look at this to see what too much spare time can lead you to doing.