Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday swimming

Last Monday swim before Xmas - mainly larking about but a very swift 25 m was on display - so not bad at ll

Saturday, December 16, 2006

2006 and all that

Well this has a been slightly less dramatic year than 2005, although not without its' own excitements. However, most importanly I got a clean bill of health after last year's scare, although I am still on a standard range of medications for blood pressure and chloesterol and are part of a normal post heart-attack regime.

On a more mundane front, the highlight of the year was to spend the whole of March in Australia with the Jersey Commonwealth Games team. To say it was a truly fantastic experience would be an understatement. I had the time of my sporting life, and if you are interested in seeing what I got up to have a look at my blog or the official Jersey Triathlon blog JTC. I managed to meet a whole range of individuals which included the odd member of the royal family and several Olympic gold medallists. All in all a once in a life-time experience which made all the time spent at the interminable meetings I had attended over the previous four years worthwhile.

Fina was left to look after the family, and coped admirably as always. Fortunately, I've managed to be able to take her away for a number of breaks over the year and we've had weekends in London and Edinburgh. In the summer we cruised the eastern mediterranean, departing from Venice on a glorious summer's evening. A truly breathtaking experience which rewarded us for our slightly unconventional route to Venice which included: a boat-trip to St Malo; train to Paris and 2 incredibly hot days there; a flight Paris to Venice; and 2 more hot days before joining the cruise. What made the cruise particularly interesting was that we had chosen an Italian cruise liner, which was lots of fun and made us feel we were on a little bit of Italy as we steamed round the Adriatic. We really enjoyed the cruise and would recommend it for the combination of excellent service and the ever changing scenery.

As for Millie, she is no longer my little girl as she now attends secondary school. She has had another successful sporting year reaching national finals in 6-a-side soccer competition; regional finals for cricket; captained the Island's U11 netball team and is now being fast-tracked into the local netball academy. The other day we were in town and I wondered where my little girl had gone as she was trying on ladies sized clothes. Indeed, she's even trying to educate me and attempt to change my dress sense, as I am not allowed to go out with her in town unless I look at least presentable.

Pippa will soon be returning to Jersey after her three and a bit years at Oxford Brookes University. She spent the summer at home, living here with boyfriend Ali. Given the amoutn of time they spent in the house, we had a very pleasant summer and celebrated both their 21st birthdays. They'll be back here soon for a prolonged stay, before they can find work and their own living accommodation ( a flat for them is all I want for Xmas!!!)

One of the best things I've been able to do this year is meet up with lots of old friends, so if we haven't been able to meet up let's try and make it happen in 2007.

Finally, Fina, Amelia, Pippa and myself wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.